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    Shell Heritage X-100 Car Care Tin - Cream (Tin Only)

    Our unique Car Care Tin comes in the design of a vintage style oil container.

    This product is something every car enthusiast will love!

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    Shell Pecten Car Emergency Tool - ResQme

    This compact 2-in-1 safety and survival tool fits neatly on your car key fob and allows you to cut a jammed seatbelt and to break a side window in your car in case of emergency. Originally developed for first responders; Resqme® has become an essential solution for all safetyconscious drivers, and offers a perfect extension to the Shell Safety Day and Life Saving Rules engagement. The springloaded head can effortlessly smash the vehicle's side windows with a force of only 12 lbs, whilst the razor-sharp blade is designed to slice through jammed seat belts and is safe to use thanks to its plastic casing. The clip can quickly and easily be detached from its body, granting safe yet quick access to the blade.

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    Shell Hyundai Air Freshener on Backing Card

    This air freshener delivers a fresh scent to eliminate stale odours from your vehicle interior. The innovative colourful design means that the air freshener not only delivers on fragrance but adds a touch of style too.

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