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    Shell & Kia Xoopar Octopus USB Adapter

    Charger adapter with mutiple connectors for most smart phones (iPhone 4/5/6 and Android)


    Due to the current IATA Aviation restrictions, we are only able to dispatch power banks to EU countries


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    Shell Pecten Xoopar Octopus USB Charger

    USB Charging adapter with mutiple connectors that are compaitble with the following devices:

    Type-C (The new Android format)

    Micro USB (Most current Android phones)

    Lightning (iPhone 5 and above)

    from £4.06
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    Shell Pecten All-in-One Charging Cable

    Inspired by your needs, The Shel Pecten All-in-One Charging Cable is here to make your digital life easier. The cable enables connections to all common mobile devices with an availabe power source at any time. Small, compact and packed in a stylish case, it is the perfect companion for your everyday life.

    Adapter: USB-A, Micro-USB, Lightning, USB-C
    Compatible with all common mobile devices
    Compact size of 6.5 cm and 46g weight
    Cable length of 70cm
    Charging cable and data transfer
    MFI (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) licensed Lightning adapter

    from £15.76
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