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  • Heritage golf balls 002
    Shell Heritage Golf Ball Tube & Balls - X100 Motor Oil

    Distance never felt so good! This set of 3 Titleist DT SOLOS golf balls from the the DT SoLo range is a great gift for any keen golfer. Just like the Shell range of products, Titleist golf balls are designed to offer consistent quality and performance, and deliver the long distance and control that every golfer aims to achieve. Presented in a fitted tube with iconic Shell art print, this set guarantees you something to dazzle them with on the 1st tee.....

  • 3649
    Shell Pecten Golf Balls

    Three Titleist DT SoLo golf balls embellished with the Shell Pecten for easy identification on the course. Presented in a cylindrical beautifully illustrated glossy tube, the set is eminently collectable and playable, proving the perfect gift for every executive golfer.

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