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  • Vegas media15
    Shell Hyundai 3 in 1 Lens
    This compact set in a black string pouch includes a fish eye, macro and wide angle lens, easily attachable to your mobile device to capture those awesome moments.
  • 3207 eu
    Shell & Kia Xoopar Octopus USB Adapter

    Charger adapter with mutiple connectors for most smart phones (iPhone 4/5/6 and Android)


    Due to the current IATA Aviation restrictions, we are only able to dispatch power banks to EU countries


  • Vegas media13
    Shell Hyundai Selfie Stick

    The clever design enables the selfie stick to be folded to a compact size to easily carry on your person. The selfie stick has a high quality extendable pole with essential groove that avoids the stick from twisting and keeps the phone perfectly in place whilst you focus on that epic action shot.

  • 2017 volcano speaker
    Shell Hyundai Aluminium Speaker

    Sleek, loud and powerful: evenly matched with a Hyundai Shell MOBIS World Rally Team car, this stylish aluminium alloy Bluetooth speaker is the smart choice. With 4 hours playtime and quick re-charge feature on the built-in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, this gizmo allows you to listen to your tunes and pod casts from up to 10m distance. Presented in a full colour branded box.

  • 2017 spider charger
    Shell Hyundai Spider Charger

    Another cool gadget worthy of association with the Hyundai Shell MOBIS World Rally Team; this user-friendly all-in-one sync and charge USB adapter in a handy soft silicon case. The Spider charger is compatible with most USB fitted smart phones and iPads.

  • Vegas media12
    Shell Hyundai Wireless Earphones

    Wireless earbuds with 60 cm of wire TPE cable. The earbuds are suitable for both sport and daily use due to their comfortable fit and includes microphone to pick up and answer calls and volume buttons to control the volume. The device uses Bluetooth 4.0 for effortless connection to your mobile device, with an easy operating distance up to 10 metres. Presented in a zipper pouch for safe storage, the bud’s 55 mAh battery allows you to play up to 3 hours of your favourite music or pod-cast.

  • Fan
    Shell Hyundai Portable Fan

    This compact handheld fan circulates the air and keeps it in motion, maintaining a fresh breeze that cools and assists in keeping humidity levels in check. The smooth design is battery operated and sports a cap to cover the blades when not in use, making it easy to store away whilst out and about.

  • 6783
    Shell Pecten Skross Pro Light World USB Adapter

    The unique, compact 3-pole adapter can be used in over 200 countries on all continents to connect tablets, shavers and laptops from all over the world.

    Built-in dual USB port
    Additionally, you can top up the battery on both your smartphone and your tablet at the same time.

    This is made possible by a dual USB charger, which has been directly integrated into a SKROSS® 3-pole travel adapter for the first time. Therefore, the connection side of the adapter is left free during the charging process and can be used without restriction. The USB ports provide sufficient energy to charge two USB devices simultaneously, even if another device is connected via the adapter at the same time.


    Technical Specifications:

    • Designed in Switzerland
    • Suitable for equipment with 2- & 3-pole plugs
    • Adapter input for: Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, USA/Japan, UK, Australia/China, Europe (Schuko & 2-pole Euro)
    • Retractable plugs (3-pole): USA, UK, Australia/China, Europe (Schuko)
    • Input voltage: 100 V – 250 V
    • Max. load: 6.3 A
    • Power rating: e.g. 100 V – 630 W / 250 V – 1575 W
    • Integrated fuse: T6.3 A
    • USB output: 5 V / 2400 mA shared
    • Adapter does not convert voltage
  • Octopussy
    Shell Pecten Xoopar Octopus USB Charger

    USB Charging adapter with mutiple connectors that are compaitble with the following devices:

    Type-C (The new Android format)

    Micro USB (Most current Android phones)

    Lightning (iPhone 5 and above)

    from £4.12
  • 6109
    Shell V-Power Activity Tracker

    Curious about your daily activity? Track your activity, calories burned and sleep pattern with this Shell V-Power activity tracker. Get insight into your achievements with the free APP that is compatible with both iOS 7.1 and Android 4.3 or higher. The bracelet has a standby time on one charge of up to 5 days, and an OLED screen to display your progress on the bracelet. The perfect companion for a healthier and more active lifestyle, should it be part of Shell's Life Saving Rules? 

  • 6198
    Shell V-Power Tile - Bluetooth Tracker

    Versa-tile is the word; lose less of everything, including your valuable time. Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that finds everyday items in seconds: ring it and find a lost item from the app by sound. See where you had it; check the map for its last known location and time. Or find your phone; press Tile to make your phone ring—even if it’s on silent. You will wonder how you ever coped without it!

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