Shell owns a unique, vibrant and rich history represented by an iconic logo that has stood the test of time. Shell’s heritage is extremely powerful, it connects us to the past and makes us believe in the brand as well as its products and values that have endured the years; the brand becomes a social expression, a promise of performance and a guarantee of authenticity; reassuringly genuine.

Our skilled team, unrivalled in experience and passion for the Shell Heritage brand, have been creating temporary and permanent period environments across the globe since 2007. Each is designed uniquely tailored to the venue and audience; interactive set builds or dressings evoking nostalgia and providing powerful emotional engagement with the audience. Whether the environment is designed with the focus on the brand’s rich heritage, or seamlessly blended in a modern innovative habitat on combination with other Shell partners and brands; we deliver an unmissable dynamic factor to your Shell event.

In addition to authentic environments, we are able to retail at your event offering a wide selection of vintage and modern branded products to suit the audience.

Why not explore further how we can assist with;

  • Hospitality, Anniversary or Launch events
  • Vintage branding, period environments and set builds
  • Retailing & Exhibitions
  • Consultative Design Services & Prop display rental
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