Our Join Order process is quite a new concept so we are here to help should you have any questions about the process or about any of the orders which are currently open. To help we have put together the FAQ section below for our Join Orders process. However, if you need any further assistance you can email our team or contact us directly on +44 208 332 6642.

  1. What is a Join Order?
    Join Order is the name we have given to the part of our site which allows Shell employees and partners to group together their orders and benefit from the very best economies of scale which are possible.
  2. Who can start a Join?
    Joins are normally started by our team when we hear about large volumes orders that cannot be filled from the items we currently have in stock. It is also possible for Shell employees and partners to start a join. A number of example scenarios are discussed on our Start a Join Order page.
  3. What products can be included in a Join Order?
    Any product can be added to a Join Order including products from our catalogue and bespoke products which have been created for a particular promotion. The key criteria is that we have a significantly large order that cannot be fulfilled by existing stock, and that the timeframes for the order allow us a minimum of 2 weeks to advertise the Join on our site.
  4. What are the qualifying criteria to start a join?
    The key criteria is that we have a significantly large order that cannot be fulfilled by existing stock, and that the timeframes for the order allow us a minimum of 2 weeks to advertise the Join on our site.
  5. How do I participate?
    Just click the Join button and fill in the pop-up form. Provide as much information as you can, but as a minimum we need to know the quantity you required and the date these are required by.
  6. Why is there a minimum order level to Join?
    Shop Central have already worked with Shell and our suppliers to secure the very best rates for these products. As such, we have to ensure that any smaller orders are met from our in-stock programme.
  7. What happens when the request is submitted?
    After you submit the request the order goes straight through to our customer services team. They will review your request with the supplier to ensure the order can be fulfilled, then they will contact you directly to confirm the order and ask for a purchase order number.
  8. Why do I need to provide a purchase order number?
    The Join Order functionality relies upon people grouping together to place one large order, and we can only provide the best rates if people commit to these orders. As such, we ask that everyone who wants to be included in a Join commits to their order and provides a PO number as confirmation of this. You will only be accepted onto the Join once we have this.
  9. What happens after I have provided my PO number?
    Once we have received your PO number you will receive an email confirming your participation in the Join. The Join will be open to others until the official end date, and we will try to encourage others to participate in the Join as well to try and achieve even better savings!
  10. Why have I received an email to say I have not been accepted to the Join?
    Every request starts a workflow in our system, so if you are unable to get a PO number to us, or decide that after submitting a request that you do not need these specific items, we need to close your request. When we do this you will receive an email to say that you will not be involved in the Join. If you receive this email and believe this is a mistake, then please contact our customer services team who will be able to reopen your request.
  11. Will I get notified if a Join order moves into a new price break?
    Yes. As soon as someone commits to a new order, and the volume of this takes us into a new price break, our system will automatically send everyone who is involved in the Join an email to let them know that the price has changed.
  12. What happens when the Join closes?
    Once the Join has closed we will speak to all participants to make final confirmation on order quantities and to discuss delivery costs from our factories to your own warehouse.
  13. Why is delivery cost only finalised at the end of the Join?
    Whilst we can give you an indicative cost of delivery before the Join ends, this will only be an estimate. The reason for this is that the final cost will depend on fuel costs at the time when the Join closes, and it will also depend on whether transportation costs can be shared across members of the Join.
  14. I am interested in a Join which has just closed. Is it still possible to add to this order?
    Unfortunately not. Once the Join has closed no new participants can Join as we will already have started to process these orders. However, so long as your order is long enough, we may be able to start another Join.
  15. Is it possible to start a Join order myself?
    Yes, but you will need to get in touch with us so that we can set this up for you. As with the Joins setup by the Shop Central team, there is some qualifying criteria, but so long as the quantity is sufficient and the timeframes ok then you are able to start a Join.
  16. Can we use this function to sell left over stock?
    Yes, if you stock left from a Sales Promotion, get in touch and we can help set up a new Join to enable this to happen. The one thing we must ensure is that the products have been previously approved and are compliant with Shell HSSE standards and brand guidelines. If you'd like to know more contact our team who will be able to help.
  17. Can we list things which are specific to our local region?
    Yes, if you have specific products that are local to your geographical region that you would like to see listed on the Shop then we can manage this for you. Please contact our team who will be able to explain how we can do this in more detail.
  18. Are we able to sell seasonal items?
    Yes, season items can be listed on the Shop and people can then group together to buy these items. This could be done if someone is looking to order diaries and calendars, for example.
  19. I once saw an item on a Join which is not in the catalogue scheme. Is it still possible to get this?
    If you cannot see the item in stock then the product will not be readily available, and it may also be the case that the product is no longer available. However, as we maintain records of every Join we do, we still may be able to source the product again from our suppliers. Please speak to a member of our team and we will do our best to help.
  20. The Join has closed but I have a query about my order. Who should I contact?
    You can reach out to our customer services team or you can speak to the account manager who spoke to you about the Join when you submitted the request. Both teams will be able to give you an update on the status of your order and help with any other queries you might have.
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