Whilst the Shop Central team will review all large orders that are placed for Shell branded merchandise both through the Shop and also with our network of account managers, we know that on occassions you may wish to initiate a Join order yourself. For example:

  1. If you and some colleagues are already thinking of getting together to buy a particular item, you can get in touch and let us facilitate the process.
  2. If you have left over stock from a previous Sales Promotion that you would like to try and sell, you could get in touch and ask us to list this stock on our site.
  3. If you have some seasonal products which you would like to advertise for your local market.
  4. If you have products which are specific to your local market which you would like to sell.

How do I start a Join?

To start a Join you must contact the Shop Central team who will then work with you to understand the products required, the initial quantity that is being ordered, and the timeframes for when they are needed. We will speak to our suppliers to ensure that we have the most competitive prices available for the Join, and this information will then be published onto Shop Central.

Once the Join is live, we will be able to email all your colleagues who were interested in buying this item and invite them to participate in the Join, sending a direct link to the product so that they can easily register their interest. The process here will be the same as per the normal Joins which have been initiated by ourselves where the request form has to be completed and a confirmed purchase order number supplied in order for them to be accepted onto the Join.

In additional to the original group that was interested in getting together to purchase these items, this Join will of course be made available to the wider Shell community to ensure that anyone else who is interested in buying this product is able to participate so long as they meet the minimum order quantity.

What happens next?

Once the Join is live the process is as per the standard Join orders which are initiated by the Shop Central team. The Join remains open for a set amount of time, and if others are approved onto the Join resulting in a decrease in the unit price, you will be notified that this has happened.

When the Join ends we will contact you again to confirm the final unit price and delivery costs before we go ahead and place the order with our suppliers.

Start a Join to advertise left-over stock

A lot of Sales Promotions happen across the globe for Shell, and estimating the quantity of goods to order for these is always difficult. Whilst we expect such promotions to always be a success, it might be the case that the promotion will end before all the goods are given away, leaving your warehouse with a surplus of stock. If this happens, Shop Central can help.

Our team will speak to you about the stock which is left and how this can be put on our site. By listing this as a Join, we can speak to people who are interested in the item, and once the request comes through, we can work with them to understand the cost of getting the item from your warehouse to the end customer.

Seasonal Products

The Join Order functionality is great for seasonal products. Diaries and Calendars are a great example of this, and if we advertise these items as a Join we can ensure that no money is wasted on surplus stock which cannot be sold or used once the event has passed. Other more bespoke products such as Christmas Cards can also be offered, again ensuring we only order the stock that we know is required by Shell so that we are not left storing excess stock for an entire year.

With seasonal products such as this where we aim to order in advance of an event rather than holding stock, we are also able to offer much lower price breaks within the Join to ensure that even the small orders can be accomodated. So if you have a product you would like us to list, please get in touch with our team and we will let you know how we can help.

Local Products

If there are items which are local to your market which you would like to list on Shop Central, then we can also do this using our Join Order functionality.

Local items will often be sourced, stored and despatched from a local warehouse, but we can still facilitate the purchase of these items on your behalf. Why not contact us to see how we can help.

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