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    Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology Cube

    This cube contains a drop of crystal clear base oil produced from natural gas. Shell has developed an entirely new way to produce synthetic base oils and have patented it as Shell PurePlus Technology. It is a revolutionary gas-to-liquids process that converts natural gas into a base oil with virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil, making Shell Helix Ultra Shell’s most-advanced motor oil ever.

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    Shell Helix Portable Umbrella

    The Shell Helix mini portable umbrella adds an innovative twist to a classic design. Incredibly convenient and small enough to store in a glove box, it ensures users always have protection on hand. In high visibility yellow it is ideal for darker days while the slight curve protects from wind and rain. The spokes are flush to the fabric ensuring the ultimate health and safety when in use while the soft grip handle makes it a comfortable umbrella to use. Finished with a red flash of the Helix logo, this mini umbrella is practical, easy to store and stylish.

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    Shell Helix Piston Cufflinks

    These piston cufflinks are the epitome of innovative design as they bring complete originality to an everyday accessory. Ear marked to become a collector’s item they encompass the qualities of the Helix oils in their impressive yet practical design. The movable parts have a smooth operation synonymous with all Shell oils. Constructed from zinc alloy and embossed with the Helix logo, these cufflinks are the ideal choice for the busy executive and for those who are proud to show they use only the best oils for their engines. The piston cufflinks also make an ideal gift and can be presented in a range of boxes to suit the occasion. 

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    Shell Helix Piston Head Coasters

    This triple tiered steel coaster perfectly replicates the head of a piston as it incorporates this ingenious engineering into the innovative design. Protecting any surface it’s thick, strong and sturdy providing an ideal base for cups and glasses whether hot or cold. The metallic finish and solid stainless steel ensure it never rusts while it’s easy to keep clean keeping desks and surfaces liquid and clutter free. Intricately engraved into the coaster is the Helix logo under the Shell Pecten. This subtle addition highlights the user’s appreciation of cleanliness, performance and modern design.

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    Shell Helix Senz Storm Umbrella

    The Senz Storm Umbrella has broken the mould by changing a traditional design to bring more practicality and style. This ingenious innovation outshines other umbrellas as it offers the ultimate protection with its peak performance. Patented to protect the invention, it shields from winds of up to 100km/ hour while being a canopy in the sun to protect form UV rays. The foam grip ensures comfort while the tips are flush to the material, removing the health and safety hazard of injury to eyes that classic umbrellas pose. The streamlined clean shape prevents it from blowing inside out while it folds simply for easy storage. Proudly sporting the Helix logo, this umbrella encompasses the qualities and innovation of the Helix range with its unique design, development of modern technology, complete protection, multiple benefits and supreme performance.

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