USB Flash Drives

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    Shell Pecten Lorry USB Stick (8GB)

    This fun, robust Shell truck hides a technology advanced USB stick with a generous capacity for holding data all in one place. The design allows the USB to be hidden in plain view while being an attractive ornament that can stand alone as a decorative accessory. The intricate detailing makes this even more impressive as the wheels sport alloys while the fuel tank encompasses realistic features of a Shell lorry. The branding and use of the bright, eye-catching yellow, synonymous with Shell highlights the classic Pecten perfectly. A fun gift for any busy executive or member of an IT department this is sure to become a collector’s item of the future.

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    Shell Heritage Vintage Petrol Pump USB (8GB)

    Unique to Shell, this USB memory stick comes in the shape of a Vintage Petrol Pump. With a large 2GB capacity, high data transfer rates, and pocket sized for easy transportability, this USB memory stick will work with both a PC and Mac, enabling you to easily copy and transport your important data files.  

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    Shell Eco-marathon USB Notebook with 4GB Flash Drive

    An A5 fully digitally printed notepad. A 4GB USB is neatly incorporated in the cover for storage on the go, whilst the strap allows for loose notes or cards to be kept in place.

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